Halloween in Port Jervis, NY

For Halloween we went up to Ryan’s dad’s in Port Jervis, NY for the weekend. Ryan’s dad always has the best Halloween decor. Every year it just keeps getting better. For my Halloween costume, I dressed up as Kane from WWE. “The devils favorite demon 👹” & one of my favorite wrestler.

A weekend at Larrys is never complete without a fire ! ​


First trip to a cidery ! 

Last weekend Jay, Ryan, Michael & I visited Angry Orchard. Personally I am not a fan of hard cider but  we’ve heard good things about the atmosphere and were seeking adventure.  

Travel time : 45 mins (no traffic )

Sip this: Free flights; each person is allowed to try three 5oz. samples.

Don’t miss: The free Treehouse Tour ! Made by the Treehouse Masters from Animal Planet.