Sleepy Hollow, NY ☠️

In spirit of Halloween my mama and I took a trip to Sleepy Hollow, NY last weekend. Sleepy Hollow is considered by some to be “most haunted places in the world”. I had recently watched the Headless Horseman featuring Johnny Depp and was inspired to take this trip. It took about 40 minutes to get there with slight traffic. Its located right over the Tapenzee Bridge. 

Sleepy Hollow Cemetary– this is the old Dutch church mentioned in the classic tale of The Headless Horseman. The Headless Horseman commits his last murder here in the movie. 

Admission: Free 

Across the street was …

Philipsburg Manor House- this national historic landmark dates back to 1693. It was a “thriving farming, milling, and trading center owned by the Philipses, a family of Anglo-Dutch merchants. They rented land to tenant farmers of diverse European backgrounds and relied on a community of 23 enslaved Africans to operate the complex”(

Admission: Free to walk around the perimeter of the manor but tours of the estate require a fee. We didn’t feel like it was worth spending money on the tour because we had seen enough for the day. I believe the tours started at $20. 

There happen to be a Psychic Fair nearby so that was hour first stop. The fair included jewelry, crystals, candles and psychic readings. All the good stuff we like. I bought this energy spray that includes various scents such had lavender and sage two of my favs. Some fun pics my mom and I took with the various Halloween decor around the village 


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